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Narrandomnia is an unexplored territory of infinite potential, the landscape reveals itself starting from a given point in an undefined space, an input that creates an atmosphere or describes an entire world, an image in which to be mirrored, a sound that transmits vibration. The traveller who enters Narrandomnia resonates with the initial point and from there moves into dark areas, discovering facets, branches, and quantum developments about the starting point that no one knew till it is told, not even those who created it. Perhaps even the original author will want to set out again to discover his (now our) world, which lives a life of its own. Narrandomnia is a term that combines Narration, Random and Omnia, or just Narrating Omnia, that clearly define this experiment of open narrative, a neverending narration that can potentially evolve in every direction. Think about it, in every written story remains a world that the author does not tell but that the reader imagines, sometimes developing an intense inner conversation. We want to give voice to this, the worlds, nuances, and characters imagined by those who had this touch and fascination with the literary production, giving them the possibility to continue the story with further writing, with images, music or videos. And even in reverse, to writers who can give words to sounds and pictures. We are inaugurating this project with the novel "Ossimoro sorridente" (first and original writing, in mother language, italian) and we have this vision: the story is a hint, abounding part of a map of an unknown land, whoever is inspired by this novel go and add a piece, enriching the initial work with further parts of the narrative with the favourite artistic medium. What did the characters in the book do at other times in their lives? Which other characters are part of it? Which events took place in connection with that story? In how many ways can the potential of a story be declined? How many universes can we create from a single world? What images does reading arouse? This is the threshold to the realm of Narrandomnia. Ask us the key! (telegram group) we will give access to this store as NFT minter to share your creation and so expand with us the Narrandomnia territory
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