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Baboon by C1
Baboon is the first official release by C1. A crew comprising of artists from Nigeria, Cameroon, and Canada.
What started as a one off idea to collaborate on music, has now become a full blown plan to help change the world!
C1 will operate as a non political / religious affiliated NGO, that will use art and NFTs to help the less fortunate globally. We will work to set up and fund art programs, recordings and educate participants on NFTs, so they can take their work to market and create new revenue sources. Music and art funded by the Foundation will contribute 30% of earnings back in to the programs to expand, building a whole community of creatives working to help the less fortunate harness the power of art and NFTs to better the world.
1000 copies of Baboon will be available with an unlockable GIF at 5 near each. 30% of the proceeds will be used to set up the C1 Foundation, legal fees, and cover administrative costs. This will make sure we can dedicate time and effort to help truly help those in need.
We are artists, and the mission starts with us. We will continue to produce art and contribute to the cause, and Baboon is the first step. Please help support to build a better and more productive, artistic world.
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Baboon by C1
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