Fast, Scalable, & Decentralized
NFT Infrastructure.
Build your own minter, market, or redeemer today using our developer toolkits on NEAR: A sharded and green blockchain.
Building on Mintbase Protocol
Using TypeScript, GraphQL, and all things you are used to.
Customisable Storefronts
Using a few clicks, you can deploy your e-commerce and mint thousands of NFTs using Mintbase API as a backbone.
Metaverse Gallery
Auto generated and custom made VR-ready galleries for your NFTs linked to each smart contract on Mintbase.
Mintbase <> DAOs Interaction
Perform actions on Mintbase with community consensus. Be a member of DAO-owned contracts.
Backed by the Best
Powered By NEAR Protocol
The future is sharded, WASM chains.
Sharded WASM Chain
Sharded WASM Chain
Developers can use evolving loved languages like rust to deploy smart contracts on single event bus sharded chain (Everyone does not have to party on the same shard like Optimism).
Fast & Cheap Transactions
Fast & Cheap Transactions
One second block times gives us 100k TPS using 4 shards. Transactions like minting and listing average around $0.01-$0.9. Really neat when all foundations are set for full decentralization.
Green Proof of Stake
Green Proof of Stake
As a proof of stake chain from the start, NEAR Protocol was also awarded the climate neutral product label.