NFT and PUBLISHING HOUSE - MADE BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN Cosmia is a project of female transformation, through the tools of literature and art. It is an idea in the making that moves fluidly between words such as sisterhood, creation and healing. It is a path balanced between the individual and the collective, aiming at the creative and soulful expansion of the participants, as they rediscover and reimagine themselves and the world. We chose the name Cosmia, to recall a feminine cosmos and the moths thus named, a symbol of adaptation, survival and transformation, nocturnal creatures that orient themselves with moonlight, considered by folklore to be the souls of fairies and witches. Cosmia is a cultural association created by women for women, which aims to develop literature and the arts, and to promote women writers and artists in all creative fields. Cosmia wants to create, develop and participate in an international network of women who want to support each other in manifesting their talents. Cosmia is interested in the study and research of art as therapy and therapy as art, of esoteric knowledge related to the feminine and the healing of relationships between women. Cosmia also wants to experiment through digital tools and in the crypto environment, embracing the blockchain and open source philosophy. Cosmia intends to expand in all the directions it feels are necessary to bring about a paradigm shift in our society especially when it comes to the ideas of abundance, well-being, time, sisterhood, sharing, decentralisation, redistribution, self-management and inspiration. Many interactive creative project all around writing will be hosted on NEAR, expecially here in Mintbase, see our website for more contents and our social handle, feel free to contact us for any question or proposal
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